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Review of Moon Valley Natural Perfume at This Blog Really Stinks

Jen, over at This Blog Really Stinks (I so love that title :D), has composed a beautiful review about Moon Valley.  Moon Valley is my “cover,” of Iris Gris, the long discontinued, but extremely well loved perfume by Jacques Fath.  I admit when I thought of making it, I was extremely nervous, like someone contemplating covering Hendrix or Dylan…

Bob and Al are friends :)

Jimi via Wikipedia

I’m so pleased that other people are enjoying my humble offerings :)  THANK YOU JEN!

Review of Esscentual Alchemy’s Moon Valley Natural Botanical Perfume at This Blog Really Stinks

Moon Valley Natural Botanical Perfume by Esscentual Alchemy

Moon Valley is available at Esscentual Alchemy and Etsy studios :) in sample, and larger sizes.

This is my interpretation of the well loved, yet now discontinued, vintage perfume “Iris Gris.”

“[C]lean but not soapy, rich but not old-dusty…The perfume (a floral woody fruity but in fact an orris soliflore) is constructed around 2 ideas: orris notes + peach. Because orris and violet molecules are in general metallic/cold and usually express melancholy, the perfumer avoided this tendency with a soft peach note (undecalactone) that evokes a girlish skin complexion. The orris note is composed with all known orris notes (ionones, irones, methyl ionones, natural orris more than 35%). The woody note is mainly cedar-vetiver (their acetates for a light woody note). All other notes (jasmine, lily of the valley, heliotrope-lilac) are delicately drawn to support the floral-orris note and not to show their presence. There is an almost hard to detect chypre note (oakmoss – but I’m still not sure for that) and a light celery note (tuberose aspect and another trendy note in the 40-50’s used in traces) still to check. There is of course musk and a very light carnation like that in l’Air du temps.Iris Gris is the breath of angels!”
(From Octavian at 1000Fragrances.http://1000fragrances.blogspot.com/2008/01/iris-gris-jacques-fath.html )

Review of Jasmine Rose Solid Perfume at This Blog Really Stinks

Jen, editor of This Blog Really Stinks, has reviewed my wee solid perfume pot of Jasmine and Rose.

Jasmine Rose Solid Perfume Pot by Esscentual Alchemy

Her two girls are suffering from Chicken Pox right now, and she’s feeling frazzled, and she put some on, and it’s helping calm her nerves.  I’m so glad that I could help, because I know what it’s like to feel frazzled with cooped up children with chicken pox!

Review of Esscentual Alchemy’s Jasmine Rose Solid Perfume at This Blog Really Stinks

Review of Esscentual Alchemy at This Blog Really Stinks

Jen over at This Blog Really Stinks, has reviewed Purple Orchid

She’s got a rapier wit :P

Samples of Esscentual Alchemy's Natural Botanical Perfumes

Thank you Jen for such a lovely review of my perfume!

Purple Orchid is available in sample size, and larger in my Esscentual Alchemy Natural Perfume studio:)

Things that must be talked about.

Yesterday, a very unpleasant thing happened.  Dawn Spencer Hurwitz, who, is one of the most talented mixed media perfumers, I have come across, and so nice, and a genuine human being.  Mixed media, is what I call those perfumers who use both synthetics and naturals.

It’s ugly, it’s embarrassing, and unprofessional.  You can read about it HERE

Long story short, Dawn was pushed out of the natural perfumer’s guild, without any warning, right as they are about to have a big event, which she, Dawn had invested an considerable amount of time and effort to prepare for.

Other people have also written about it.  Eyeliner on a Cat, Scent Less Sensibilities, and This Blog Really Stinks.

Bullying is NOT nice, not wanted, and NOT appreciated.  I’m so very sorry that this happened to Dawn, and it reflects very poorly on all natural perfumers.  I am not a member of the Natural Perfumer’s Guild, and if I was, I would have to seriously consider if this organization was the one for me, personally.

Mandy Aftel, who originally founded the guild, left a few months ago.  Also this is not the first time a perfumer has been treated poorly by the president of the guild.

My parents always told me to be kind to others, and treat them with respect.  I teach my children to do the same.  What kind of picture does this give them, when adults are so mean to another adult?

It’s a damn shame.  Bullying is not right.

The point is that life is short, and it’s up to us, to be loving towards each other, cause this place is TOUGH. It’s a hard place, and it’s not right to make anyone else’s journey harder than it has to be, because of what we say or do.