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Musing Monday

The Rouvre river

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A River

A river flows on it’s course,
and slowly meanders down the curving, winding path.
It runs on forever
through the place
that it etches out
for itself.
Here is a bend.
Who knows what may be around it.
The river does not know,
but still it charges forward;
with wild abandon to embrace whatever may come.
Could we not do the same?

Musing Monday



Red lazily filtering through the branches
Orange meandering from the arms of the towering oak
Yellow fluttering softly, slowly falling
The wind blows quietly
forcing the leaves to hurry
in a downward spiral to the earth

Musing Monday

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Yes, it’s ANOTHER poem by me. :P

The Rain Must Fall

Almost as if a whisper,
the rain trickles down slowly.
I know not from where it comes but steadily it falls.
The sky with it’s ashen grey makes my heart weep.
It seems to go on forever with no end in sight.

The Rain comes down drop by drop.
The heavens crying out for the earth.
Crying for us.

I feel the sorrow that presses down upon me oppressively.
I cannot bear it.
I cry.

Musing Monday

Per Fumum

redolent smoke…wafting my soul to the source.


I adore you…you sooth me, you console me, you exalt me, you excite me, you adorn me, you expand me.