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The last of the Midsummer Night’s Dream Perfume Exhibition Reviews

Beth over at The Windesphere Witch has provided us with her finale.

Esscentual Alchemy, A Wing and A Prayer Perfume, Artemisia Natural Perfume, BlossomingTree Bodycare, and April Aromatics are featured

Secret Fairies from A Midsummer Night’s Dream Scent Event

Scene from A Midsummer Nights' Dream by Arie T...

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Beth from The Windesphere Witch has shared her thoughts on the little sprites hanging out at her house.

The Midsummer NIghts Dream Perfume Event: Another Flight of Fabulous Fairies!

(Beth had family concerns that kept her from posting.  I’m glad that everything is better now)

The rest of the Reviews can be found in Part One of A Midsummer Night’s Dream Scent Event Blog Posts, and Part Two of A Midsummer Night’s Dream Scent Event Blog Posts.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream ~ A Scent Event: Natural Botanical Perfume Blog Posts

She wishes she could have made a perfume too!

As June 14th is the start of our magical, spritely, fairy filled, blogging extravaganza…

I bet she has parfum in there...

Here is a place to come and to be able to have all of the blog links in one place!

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Midsummer Night’s Dream – Providence Perfume Co. Eva Luna on WAFT

“A Midsummer Night’s Dream Scent Event ~ Part Two ~ Natural Perfume ~ Smiling Country by Ayala Moriel Parfums on Perfume Pharmer

DREAMS by Yuko Fukami/PARFUM PHYTO on Fragrance Belles-Lettres:  The Magazine

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A Midsummer Night’s Dream – Titania by EnVoyage on All I am – a redhead

A Midsummer Night’s Dream Scent Event Part 3, Dreams and Visions by A Wing and A Prayer Perfumes ~ Jane Cate, Natural Perfumer. ~ review Monica Miller on Perfume Pharmer

Continued in Part Two

More talk about A Midsummer Night’s Dream ~ A Scent Event

Editor in Chief, Felicia M Hazzard, of Fragrance Belles-Lettres:  The Magazine, is one of the sniffers for the upcoming:  A Midsummer Night’s Dream ~ A scent event

She’s written up a little teaser as well :D

A Midsummer Night’s Dream:  It’s all about the fairies

And tomorrow is the 14th of June!  Thoughts on fairies will be coming along!  :D

I really can’t wait to read!