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Esscentual Alchemy Natural Perfume News Thursday

This week is the one where Ginnifer Goodwin will open her gift bag from The Artisan Group, in which my perfumes were tucked away :D  I gifted Ginnifer 3 of my new natural perfume sprays, Bennacht, Orange Cream, and Melange.

Esscentual Alchemy was featured in Craftsyble’s Valentine’s Day Guide!


I’m working on some DIY natural perfume tutorials, which I will make available for sale.

Doing taxes (boo hiss ;) )

This week I have created a floral base, and a chypre base.  Now I wait…always the tricky part for me!

Happy Esscentual Alchemy Customer Comments

I received this email a few days ago from a customer!  She gave me permission to share her thoughts about my perfumes on my blog.  It’s so nice when the things you make give people joy!  :D

It was hard to contain myself and let each scent have its turn. Melange was a little sweet and definitely rich. Kama was like incense and Christmas to me. A bit like the pine tree? No, wait, cinnamonish. I love Queen of Punk. If I smoked, I would wear it in a heartbeat. The tobacco scent is part of its charm, but it ends up getting to me after a few hours and I’m not sure I want to smell like cigarettes. But I so wish I could wear it. The Delicate Ones and Orange Creme are a little too much fruit for me. Orange Creme smells tastey though. I really like Carry My Heart in the bottle, but it’s rather sharp when I put it on and takes the longest to soften. Probably the lavender. I find lavender a bit sharp but I still tend to gravitate to it in bath stuff. So this one was tempting. Purple Orchid was also quite tempting. I’m not sure which I like better between the two but then they were not the top two so it probably doesn’t matter. I’m not sure I want to have 3-5 different perfumes or I may never get through them all. Wellllll maybe three. I might choose one of these for a third at some point or I might love the Ophelia scent.

Down to the last three samples! Little Black Dress. I was almost not going to order that one because the description doesn’t sound like me at all. Refined? Ha! I am not a thing like Ms Hepburn. But the ingredients sounded so interesting. Ylang ylang? Ginger Lily? I’ve gotta smell those! I thought refined would mean a very sharp scent like so many designer perfumes out there. LBD has so much more femininity. It has that bit of sharpness and a lightness and sweetness. It’s like what those designer perfumes should be and miss by a longshot.

My two favorites are tied and very different so I don’t feel bad about getting both. Your descriptions are so perfect because I really did find Bennacht uplifting. It’s light and airy but also a bit wet smelling. Not rain but a mist, a thin, little above you in the morning, mist. And A Mermaid’s Carnation brings me down to my body, feeling sensual. I just wanted to sniff myself all day as it gave me such a heady sensation. It’s a bit spicy but the carnation is the perfect floral to pair with spice, light, clean and sweet. I had forgotten how nice carnations smell because I kind of hate how they look… I suspect I’ll be picking this one more often than Bennacht but they serve two very different moods.

Thank you again, Amanda, not only for your generosity with the extras and sample size (I think those are more than 3-5 applications!) but for making such nice scents, sending them so quickly, and describing them so well.

And part two:

My order came very quickly on Monday but due to other circumstances I hadn’t had a chance until tonight to open the package. The bottles are so pretty! The wood grain look, the crystal top, the gold look. And the shape is perfect for me. Too often perfume bottles, even large ones, are in that sort of thin, flask shape and they so easily fall over and I can’t seem to set them down right. But these bottles have definite weight so I’m not worried. The packaging was very nice too. I don’t think you can go wrong with flowers, music, and dragonflies :)

And then there’s Ophelia. When I opened the sample, it smelled very familiar. What popped to mind was a wet forest. A cold mist, or maybe a pond, in a northwest coast forest. Wearing it has subdued the water feeling though so it smells strictly forest on me. But I’m thinking the familiar smell is pine. Overall, it’s a very earthy perfume. I would say woodsy but I think there’s a grouping of perfumes called that and I don’t know if that’s the sort of smell that’s meant by the term. Although it is tempting to smell like the redwood forest here in northern California (and that is exactly what it smells like), I still prefer Bennacht for my clean, uplifting scent!

Thank you again, Amanda. It’s really lovely perfume and I’m happy to have found a couple that I really love :) You’ll hear from me again when I get through a bottle! Or if I cave and get LBD…


It’s a nice way to start the day.

Saturday Phone Calls

Phone rang mid afternoon on Saturday.   My husband answers.  “It’s for you,”  he said.

I pick it up, and say hello.

Turns out it’s the celebrity birthday girl, just calling to let me know how much she LOVED my perfume!  (I’m not going to mention names, cause I didn’t ask her if it was ok.)  She said it made the evening so special, and she loved the gorgeous beautiful cute bottles too!  I sent her 5ml of Melange, and Autumn Spice.  “All of my girlfriends were jealous!”  She told me.  She said, “I just had to call and thank you myself in person.  It was so nice of you to send such gorgeous perfume!”

My reaction when she first said her name?  (cue dead silence for about 30 sec. as my brain comprehends whom she is…) 

“Oh my god.  Oh Wow!  Well Thank you!  You’re so welcome, and I’m glad you liked them!”

We proceed to speak for about 45 minutes, and I managed to talk about natural perfume and why I think it’s so meaningful and important.  As we were wrapping up our conversation she wanted to see my studio

I helped her get there, and she sounded really excited about browsing around.  :D

In short, what an extremely nice thing of her to do!  She didn’t have to do that, and it speaks volumes about her as a person.  Not surprising, because anyone who would do something for other’s to help them, on their own birthday is an awesome person!



I have been informed that it’s probably OK to name said celebrity…

Camryn Manheim called me on the phone!!!  :D