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Art Market

I saw a poster advertising for an Art Market at our local vineyard coming up middle of August.  There’s a $15 booth fee, and I think I’m going to go!  It will be a great way to get some exposure, and also to get some feedback on my fragrances.  I’ve been thinking about it, and will have little sample vials, and put some on perhaps q-tips for people to rub onto their skin.  Then people can sign up for orders.  I think that will be fairly simple and easy for me for my first time.

I also got some promotional materials from www.vistaprint.com/ since I got a try our free offer and you pay only shipping.  Those turned out beautiful!

Esscentual Alchemy Business Card

:D  So I’ll have those to give out too!  Huzzah!

The Beauty of the Internet

The Internet

Odd title?  How does this relate to Synthetic Free Perfumery, you might be asking yourself?

On the left: Ancient perfumes of the Hebrews (Cinnamon, Balm of Judea being collected from cut bark, (extinct) Nard, and Valerian. On the right: An Egyptian with his incense burner

Photo Credit:  http://www.lotuspress.com/lotusbrands/tiferetonline/key.html

I think one of the most fabulous things about the time of history that I live in, is the fact that I have access to botanical materials from all over the world!  This amazes me, especially when I think about in the past, when perfumers, who were mainstream, keep in mind, had only access to the things that grew locally, and were seasonal.

Sketch based on Egyptian tomb painting from 3rd millennium BCE about perfume production

Photo Credit:  http://www.wysinfo.com/Perfume/Perfume_history.htm

I don’t have to take the time to make any oils, concretes, or absolutes, unless I want to.  I, of course, am working on learning how to do this as well, because it intrigues me.  I attempted tincturing the old varietal lilacs in the neighborhood this year, and put them in the fridge until next year.  I think I will give them at least two seasons before I use any of it, just because it’s a tricky one to do.

Greek Perfume Vessals

Photo Credit:  http://www.greeceathensaegeaninfo.com/h-ancient-greek-ceramics.htm

I felt very connected to perfumers of old, while I collected blooms, and removed the leaf material and then submerged them so they would release their fragrance.



Oldest Perfumes Found on "Aphrodite's Island"

Photo Credit:  http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/bigphotos/4419999.html

Have a glorious day!