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Scentual Sunday

One of my favorite duets ever.

Ma come puoi lasciarmi (La rondine, PUCCINI)

sung by:  Anna MOFFO, Daniele BARIONI


Review of Lumiere by Aftelier Perfumes

I had the extreme good fortune to win a mini from Mandy Aftel, in her giveaway on her FB page, from Aftelier Perfumes.  The gods were on my side, because after much back and forth, I chose Lumiere.

It came in the mail today, and I’m absolutely blown away by the breathtaking beauty of this perfume.  It’s rich and luscious.  Imagine deep jewel tones of luxurious fabrics.  The sparkle of the top notes, brought forth like stars.  The tremolo of the middle notes, holding the melody and adding to the composition.  Then the velvet of the base notes, adding depth, and longing.

I put it on, and I started to cry it was so lovely.
I honestly don’t have the language to do this perfume justice.  So I turn to music.  The aria, Chi il bel sogno di Doretta, is sung by Magda.  The opera is La Rondine, by Giacomo Puccini.  The artist is Renee Fleming.

Lumiere is available at Aftelier Perfumes, in multiple sizes.  I received the Lumiere Mini


Scent Family: Floral
A sheer, elegant floral, based on fine green tea absolute and sacred frankincense. The exquisite heart features Tasmanian boronia and the transparent watery floral blue lotus. Restrained yet sensual, Vogue.com calls this fragrance “addictive.” Sheer and reflecting light, Lumiere captures the experience of fine silk on the skin.

Featured Notes
Top: phenyl ethyl acetate.
Heart: honeysuckle, blue lotus, boronia.
Base: green tea, ambergris.


This review is filled with my own thoughts, and I have not been compensated in any way for them.