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Scented News

New press release, about my EdP line, along with my participation in GBK’s Luxury gift lounge for the MTV movie awards.

Esscentual Alchemy Makes Magic with Summer Ready Eau de Parfum Spray


In Memoriam.  He knew the secrets.

“I’m convinced that some rules comparable to what you call harmony or counterpoint in music exist in perfumery. But no one has been able to define them yet…” Guy Robert

(picture courtesy of Basenotes)

A kind mention from Rotem Designs about Esscentual Alchemy :) Click here

Sweet Peas to you all :)

Eau de Parfum Eau de Cologne Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday

Esscentual Alchemy Eau de Cologne

Esscentual Alchemy Eau de Parfum

Esscentual Alchemy Natural Perfumes going to the MTV movie awards