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Christmas and Cookies and The Release Trio

I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving.

Additional news:

Christmas and Cookies is up in the shop, and The Release Collection, which is based on the book by Hope Russell Nunki is also available now.

Free US shipping/Reduced International shipping is live. No coupon needed, it will just show up when you order on Esscentual Alchemy.

Esscentual Alchemy’s 12 Days of Holiday Fun 2013 – Day 1

For 12 days, I will post a topic each day, and I will ask a question.  I will be offering a prize each day for one person who will be drawn using random.org.  How to enter?

Answer the question, and share my blog post on your social media, your choice as to where to share, and let me know where you shared :)

Day 1 of Esscentual Alchemy’s Advent Calender

Christmas House

Today’s question is:

What are YOUR favorite smells of the Holidays?  What most makes you feel like it’s that time of year?

For me, it’s baking.  All the spices, the sweetness of the vanilla as I pour it into the bowl, the sharp fresh smell of peppermint.  The brisk sweet woody smell of evergreen trees.  The smokiness of a fire in the fireplace.  The bite of the air, and the cold on your nose.


Today’s prize is courtesy of Bowie

:)  I will be offering one lucky winner, a 5ml EdP spray of Christmas and Cookies to help you get in the mood!  Christmas and Cookies is what the Holiday’s smell like to a little boy.  (I have the best kids ever!)

Good Luck to all who enter!

Reminder:  Leave me a comment here with your answer, and share via social media, and let me know where you did so.

PS ~ Don’t forget to attend my Virtual Holiday Open House over at Esscentual Alchemy’s Facebook Page on Dec. 5 7-10PM CST

Esscentual Alchemy’s 12 Days of Holiday Fun – Day 5


Day 5 of Esscentual Alchemy’s Advent Calender


Today’s question is:

What is your favorite Christmas/Holiday memory and why?

Mine is the year I attempted to stay up all night to see Santa come.  My parents were very thoughtful and provided me with a sleeping bag, and pillow.  I was at the bottom of the stairs, and I’m sure they were thinking that they’d end up killing me by stepping on me if there was a fire, but they indulged me.  Obviously I didn’t make it through, but the sleeping bag was comfy.  :DIMG_6479

Today’s prize is courtesy of Bowie again  :D

Today I will gift one lucky winner a 5ml EdP spray of Christmas and Cookies!

Christmas and Cookies, is a seasonal natural perfume formulated mostly by my then 9 year old son, Bowie. He wanted something that smelled like Christmas, and cookies, he picked out most of the notes, and I fleshed it out. A perfume to fill your heart with joy during the holiday season, as seen through the eyes and heart of a small child. All of the delights of the season are present!

Perfume Ingredients: 5 types Vanilla bean tincture, Butter CO2, Black Tea absolute, Beeswax/Honey Tincture, White Rose Attar in Sandalwood, Cinnamon, Antique Nutmeg, Balsam Fir, Strawberry Accord

Good Luck to all who enter!

Reminder:  Leave me a comment here with your answer, and share via social media, and let me know where you did so.  Don’t forget to check back tomorrow to see if you’ve won, as I will post it as a comment!

Christmas and Cookies review at EauMG


Young master Bowie, aka “Little Esscentual Alchemy” has been able to bring the Christmas Spirit to Victoria over at EauMG!

Review of Esscentual Alchemy’s Christmas and Cookies Natural Perfume at EauMG

I don’t think he’s stopped smiling since…

Thank you Victoria for your kind words, Mama and Little EA are very grateful!  We’re glad we could help you find the holiday cheer :)

Christmas and Cookies will be taking vacation starting Jan. 1st, so if you’d like some please visit my studios.  Links are up at the top on the right, and I’ll provide here as well.  Samples and also larger sizes available, if you can’t get enough of this yummy perfume ;)

Creating Perfume at the Child’s Request

Morgen Bard

Morgen was the first to request formulation of a perfume.  She ended up creating Autumn Spice, which was worn and loved by Camryn Manheim.  :P

Esscentual Alchemy's Autumn Spice Natural Botanical Perfume

Bowie Tristan

Next, Bowie, wanted to “make a perfume too, Mom.”  He wanted one that smelled like Christmas and Cookies, and was the recipient of a Best of 2010 NBP by Monica Miller:D (Christmas and Cookies will be returning in Nov.)

Esscentual Alchemy's Christmas and Cookies Natural Botanical Perfume

Ewen Dante

I knew it was only a matter of time….before Ewen said something.  He announced last week that he would “like to make a perfume like Morgen, and Bowie, can I please, Mom?”  I asked him what type of perfume, what type of smell he would like to make.  “One that smells like cake!  Sweet cake!”  He’d obviously had this in his mind for a while…and I think he’s hoping for the amount of “success” that his sister and twin brother have had with theirs.

Cake.  How to make a perfume that smells like CAKE!  This young man, wants to push my boundaries obviously.

We sat down together, and worked out the notes.  I provided things that I thought might go into a cake perfume, and Ewen picked out the botanicals that agreed with his vision.  I mixed it up yesterday, and I think it’s going to be good!  Really Good!  Now the waiting game…and praying to the perfume gods that it turns out yummy, and more importantly that people will like it.

Nefertem, God of Perfume

So if any of you my dear readers, are so inclined to send some perfume mojo this direction, I’d be most grateful.

Scentedly yours,


PS ~ I’m sure Teagan will be next.

Teagan Willow

Christmas in July at Esscentual Alchemy

I decided to bring back Christmas and Cookies Natural Perfume for “Christmas in July!”

Christmas and Cookies Botanical Perfume by Esscentual Alchemy

I am also offering free shipping on each purchase for the month of July at my studio:  Esscentual Alchemy Botanical Perfumery

After July 31st, Christmas and Cookies will go back into hibernation until November 1st.

I haz an excitement!!!

Yes, as my children will tell you…I’m silly. :p

I have been added to the Fragrantica.com encyclopedia of perfumers!


Then this morning I woke up to this in my inbox!


I have been chosen by Editor, Monica Miller, for two perfumes in her best of 2010; Bennacht and (this is the one that makes me happiest) Christmas and Cookies.  Both of these perfumes are available on Esscentual Alchemy

Please take a moment and go to read this article, there are so many talented perfumers featured!  And if you leave a comment, you’ll be entered in the draw for lovely perfume!

Thank you to CaFleureBon and Monica!