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Creating Perfume at the Child’s Request

Morgen Bard

Morgen was the first to request formulation of a perfume.  She ended up creating Autumn Spice, which was worn and loved by Camryn Manheim.  :P

Esscentual Alchemy's Autumn Spice Natural Botanical Perfume

Bowie Tristan

Next, Bowie, wanted to “make a perfume too, Mom.”  He wanted one that smelled like Christmas and Cookies, and was the recipient of a Best of 2010 NBP by Monica Miller:D (Christmas and Cookies will be returning in Nov.)

Esscentual Alchemy's Christmas and Cookies Natural Botanical Perfume

Ewen Dante

I knew it was only a matter of time….before Ewen said something.  He announced last week that he would “like to make a perfume like Morgen, and Bowie, can I please, Mom?”  I asked him what type of perfume, what type of smell he would like to make.  “One that smells like cake!  Sweet cake!”  He’d obviously had this in his mind for a while…and I think he’s hoping for the amount of “success” that his sister and twin brother have had with theirs.

Cake.  How to make a perfume that smells like CAKE!  This young man, wants to push my boundaries obviously.

We sat down together, and worked out the notes.  I provided things that I thought might go into a cake perfume, and Ewen picked out the botanicals that agreed with his vision.  I mixed it up yesterday, and I think it’s going to be good!  Really Good!  Now the waiting game…and praying to the perfume gods that it turns out yummy, and more importantly that people will like it.

Nefertem, God of Perfume

So if any of you my dear readers, are so inclined to send some perfume mojo this direction, I’d be most grateful.

Scentedly yours,


PS ~ I’m sure Teagan will be next.

Teagan Willow

Unexpected Thank You Emails

This came in my inbox yesterday:

Dear Amanda,
I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your generous donation to my birthday/charity event.  Your donations either went to benefit The Children’s Institute, or to thank people who have supported this amazing organization in the past.
The Children’s Institute has been helping children who are victims of violence, abuse and neglect for the past 106 years.  You have made it possible for them to reach out to even more children in need.
Entertainment Tonight ran a piece about the event, which highlighted The Children’s Institute.  Please take a look at their website to learn more about their life saving work. www.ChildrensInstitute.org
Again, I can’t thank you enough for being a part of this wonderful occasion.  Your participation made it truly extraordinary.
With gratitude,
Camryn Manheim
How awesome is THAT?!?  :D