Back in the shop

Back in the shop: A quartet of Devils

From Quantum Demonology/ The Devilscent Project, a novel by Sheila Eggenberger

“I need a perfume. Perfume is one of the things she lives for, one of the reasons she loves to breathe. I want it to be unlike anything you’ve ever made. I want it to be dark, bitter, otherworldly. A lot of base, a lot of bass. I want it to unnerve and surprise her. I want her to say ‘yes’. I want you to think for a moment about ‘sin’. Think about something…forbidden, something taboo…Something subversive, which makes it seductive and alluring, almost by default. What is the ultimate human taboo in terms of scent? It’s your ultimate dirty secret, the very secret you use your perfumes to conceal and hide or on the other hand, accentuate:You’re animals underneath it all. With animal appetites, animal urges you try to ignore, suppress, hide and deny at your peril. Or animal appetites you want to advertise, just not in so many words. The very kind I embody, or so you think. What would I be as a human animal? I’m the Devil, so they’ve said. Neither animal nor human but a combination of both, just enough of each of them to be dangerous, and that’s the whole idea. Danger. I want her to be able to know exactly who I am by her sense of smell alone. ” – Dev

Devilscent 1, 2, 3 and Coda were created for this project.

Notes of each fragrance include: bitter greens, woods, spices, musks, florals

Not for the faint of heart!devilscent


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