Roman Unguents – Helena and Helena MMXIV

Scents of the Day are Helena and Helena MMXIV

Helena - our inspiration for the UUU Tour.  Picture from Miniature Perfume Shoppe
Helena – our inspiration for the UUU Tour.
Picture from Miniature Perfume Shoppe

The Unguents I re-created for the UUU Tour with Miniature Perfume Shoppe The attached picture is our Helena.

I have to make another batch to bottle up!

Allen’s olfactory notes of each:


“LOVE the honey-amber color. Interesting – crystal clear when settled; cloudy when shaken to mix ingredients.
I like the jojoba oil base you used -smooth as silk – and longevity quite good on my skin – 4-6 hours. Dry down (on me) is nice and that is when I notice the light rose/incense (frankincense?) the most.
Straight from bottle to nose – VERY aromatic and active – almost camphor/medicinal like – maybe that is the myrrh?
From beginning to end I pick up hints of tea that come and go – white tea, maybe? Very subtle, as is the rose (otto?) I pick up.
Undecided about what is providing the aromatic aspects – pine? cloves? ginger? iris root? Guessing myrrh!
Some mixed greens
Notes/Impressions: Thyme, Ylang-ylang, Cinnamon, Cassia, Iris root, Rose Otto, Orange/Neroli, Myrrh, White Tea (sometimes pekoe), Incense, Frankincense.”

Helena MMXIV

“I’ve worn the modern version of Helena all day and can appreciate the subtle differences between the two “recipes.” Interestingly, the longevity appears to be about the same. From the bottle, the smell is about the same to my nose, but the lighter qualities of Helena MMXIV is obvious with the oil-base being more aromatic initially. On my skin, Helena MMXIV all dries down to a lovely incense-infused rose which I’ve dubbed “Roman Rose”


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