Review of Little Black Dress

Cori from Well Beauty Blog has reviewed Little Black Dress

What is it with me and woodsy florals? I really can’t get enough. Little Black Dress is mix of sandalwood, jasmine, ylang ylang, and rose. At first application, it has a very woodsy scent but quickly calms to a woodsy rose. As time passes, the woods continues to fade and you are left with a soft jasmine-rose with a hint of ylang-ylang. The woods is still there in the background though to keep this from being too overtly floral. This is also similar to BS003 in that it is woodsy, but when you smell them side by side, they are quite different. This is more smokey and does not have that fresh crispness that defines BS003. If BS003 is a having a cup of tea on crisp fall afternoon, then Little Black Dress is a being snuggled up by a fire later that night. It’s a little more seductive, like that little black dress in your closet ;o)

I’m so happy you enjoyed it Cori! Thanks for writing such a picturesque vision of Little Black Dress! That’s how I see her too 🙂


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