Release by Hope Russell Nunki

Hope says: “Release is a multi-faceted story, with Mandelyn and Henry’s loss of Theodore at its heartbreaking, yet ultimately life-affirming center.”

I’m in the process of finishing several fragrances for a book called, Release by Hope Nunki Russell. Fragrance is featured at several important points in the book, and Hope wondered if I’d be interested in creating those fragrances for her. The main theme centers around a fragrance called “God’s Gift,” which is a spicy, floral, incense scent. There are two others. God’s Gift: Seduction – spicy, floral, incense with cacao, hazelnut highlights. Finally, God’s Gift: Redemption – spicy, floral, incense, with aromatic, sacred woods.

Sometimes you read something that hits you deeply. And reminds you of the lessons hard won through life’s experiences.

Release is that book. Please go and check it out!


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