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Friday Finds

Today’s Friday Finds is Cindy from sewhappydesigns!  :D

Set of 6 Turtle Appliques by sewhappydesigns

Tell me a little bit about yourself/the history of your store.

I have fond childhood memories of being at my grandmother’s farmhouse on winter evenings playing jacks with my cousins under a huge quilt loom.  My aunt had the patience to show me how the stitches were made.  I took sewing classes in high school and learned the basics of making clothing and continued to sew as a new mother for myself and my children.  I discovered quilting again when I took a quilt class many years ago and it rekindled my grandmother childhood memories.  I was in love with fabric, color and design.   I enjoyed creating something original, a one of a kind quilt that no one else would ever have.  I created a company named IcanQuilt and the website for it several years ago.  It is my teaching and pattern company.  I wanted to teach beginners so they would also fall in love with quilting.  I created my business SewHappyDesigns in 2007 to sell my quilts and other one of a kind creations.  My shop is a combination of many sewing loves; quilts and quilted projects, baby items, kitchen items and other things I love to make. 

Aquarium Pillowcase Set by sewhappydesigns

Tell me what makes your store UNIQUE from all the other stores that sell a product similar to yours.

Not sure about unique.  Some of my items are original patterns, that I developed for beginners; easy patterns that can be made quickly.  To date I have 4 patterns on the market in my shop and other quilt shops in NYS and around the country.

Microwaveable Potato Bag by sewhappydesigns

Feature one of your items and tell the story about that particular item.

My Reversible Candlemat pattern is my favorite item in my shop.  It is my second pattern and it took me almost 3 years to develop.  It started with 11 spokes.  I first taught the pattern with 11 until I reworked the pattern for an even 12 spokes.  I taught the pattern for 2 years before I tried to write it down and send it off for a copy-write registration.  It was a much longer process than my first pattern, but is my most successful pattern to date.  I have made well over 200 of them and they sell very well in one of my consignment shops.  I love selecting the fabrics for the mats!

Reversible Candle Mat by sewhappydesigns

Do you do custom orders, designs, etc. If you do, what kinds of services do you offer for custom orders, what are your policies regarding custom orders?

I love to do custom orders.  However, sometimes the process can be difficult understanding what the customer wants and sometimes it takes a few emails or messages to come together on the same page as the customer.  The creative process has many facets and sometimes individuals will approach it differently.  I won’t begin an order until I am very clear on what the customer wants and then will begin by sending pictures of fabrics.  Many times I send pictures of the process up to the completion.  I don’t usually require money down on an order unless it is definitely something I couldn’t sell in my shop.  Once the order is completed I will either list it in my shop as a custom order or send a PayPal invoice.  I am very flexible with orders and will tell the customer up front how soon I can have it done.  Most times there is not a rush and that works well for me.

Coffee Cup Kitchen Towel/Potholder Set by sewhappydesigns


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Adirondack Wallhanging Quilt by sewhappydesigns