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Music for Scentual Sunday

Today I feel like a little Puccini.  His music always speaks to my soul :)

Anna Moffo sings “Signore, ascolta” and “Tu che di gel sei cinta” – Liu’s two arias from Turandot.

From Act I:

Liù, Calaf and Timur are in the midst of a processional to the execution of the Prince of Persia who attempted to win the Princess Turandot by answering three riddles. If he had given the correct answers, he would have married the Princess, but the price for incorrectly answering them was death. During the processional, Calaf catches a glimpse of Turandot, falls in love with her immediately, and decides to attempt to answer the three riddles. Liù sings this aria to beg him not to risk his life for the Princess.

Signore, ascolta! Deh!, signore, acolta!
Liù non regge più!
Si pezza il cuore! Ahimè,
quanto cammino
col tuo nome nell’anima
col nome tuo nell’labbra
Ma se il tuo destino,
doman, sarà deciso,
noi morrem sulla strada dell’esilio.
Ei perderà suo figlio…
io l’ombra d’un sorriso!
Liù non regge più!
ha pietà!

From Act III:

After being captured and tortured because she knows Calaf’s name, Liú is asked by Turandot why she resists the torture so well. She replies that her love for the “Unknown Prince” keeps her from telling his name. She sings that Turandot’s icy heart will one day be melted by Calaf and that Turandot will love him as Liú does now.

Tu che di gel sei cinta,

Da tanta fiamma vinta,

L’amerai anche tu!

Prima di questa aurora,

Io chiudo stanca gli occhi,

Perche egli vinca ancora

Ei vinca ancora

Per non vederlo piu!